5 Tourists Spots in West Bogor Perfect for Enjoying During Eid Holidays

Wangun Jaya Panorama Tourism.

TIMETODAY.ID –  Traditionally, tourists often utilize the Eid al-Fitr or Lebaran moments to spend vacations with family or close friends. Typically, both local and non-local tourists still favor the Puncak area as one of the places to unwind.

Summarizing from various sources, here are 5 tourist destinations in West Bogor, Bogor Regency, which are equally appealing as Puncak:

  1. Seureuh Hejo

The tourist spot Seureuh Hejo is located in Sadeng Village, Leuwisadeng, Bogor Regency, precisely situated in Kampung Gunung Seureuh.


Currently, Seureuh Hejo tourist spot is being promoted by the Forest Village Community Institution (LMDH) under the leadership of Yudha Prananda to become a favorite tourist destination.

To reach Seureuh Hejo, one can take the route from Bogor towards Jasinga.

Upon reaching Sadeng Highway, visitors can head towards Sadeng Joglo Street leading to Kampung Gunung Seureuh, approximately four kilometers to the tourist spot.

Although the road access to the location is somewhat hindered by potholes and rocky terrain, it is compensated by the natural beauty offered.

At the Seureuh Hejo natural tourist spot, visitors can take selfies at Instagrammable spots. Additionally, Seureuh Hejo also provides a camping ground surrounded by pine trees and cool air.

  1. Wangun Jaya Panorama Tourism

Geographically situated in Leuwisadeng, this Bogor natural tourist spot is a manifestation of mountainous, agricultural, and plantation panoramas, encouraging the local community to develop tourism potential in the Leuwisadeng area. The main advantage of Leuwisadeng is its open natural scenery.

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This tourist destination, often referred to as Pawaja, also provides various facilities such as photo spots. The development of the Wangun Jaya Panorama tourist spot is supported and collaborated on by the Bogor Green Warriors Community Institution (LSM Laskar Hijau Bogor).

  1. Pabangbon Panorama Nature Tourism

Pabangbon Tourism is a new tourist village in Leuwiliang Bogor, which is very contemporary among young people.

The presence of the Leuwiliang treehouse has become an attraction for this village, forming the Panorama Nature tourist spot or commonly known as Papa, Panorama Nature Pabangbon.

Its existence will not be less attractive than Ranggon Hills Bogor, Puncak Mustika Manik, or Villa Khayangan Bogor.

For the route, visitors can take public transportation from Bogor station to Pabangbon. However, using public transportation is somewhat difficult as it requires several transfers. It is easier to use private vehicles.

The location of Panorama Pabangbon Leuwiliang Bogor is approximately 25 kilometers from the center of Bogor City, with a travel time of 1.5 to 2 hours, depending on road congestion.

Currently, there are no hotels or accommodations at the tourist site, but tourists can stay at local residents’ homes if they wish or rent camping grounds in this tourist area.

  1. Rahong Waterfall

Rahong Waterfall is one of the tourist spots located in Rahong Village, Rumpin, Bogor Regency.

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This natural tourist area is popular for its unique waterfall scenery. However, to enjoy the scenery, tourists must have strong intentions and stamina. In addition to its quite long trekking route, the path to the waterfall is also filled with various obstacles.

To reach Rumpin Sub-district, tourists can take the Bogor-Parung Highway. Upon reaching the Ciseeng intersection (next to Telaga Kahuripan Parung housing), turn left towards Rumpin Sub-district. As you enter the road to Rumpin, the road conditions start to incline, and you can see mountainous views along the way.

Rahong Waterfall is not yet officially managed and is only guarded by local residents. Visitors only need to pay parking fees and tickets to the guarding residents.

  1. Bandung Waterfall

Bandung Waterfall is a very beautiful waterfall located in Pangradin Village, Jasinga Sub-district. The distance from Jasinga City to the motorcycle taxi stand is approximately 3 kilometers, then continues with a motorcycle taxi ride for the same distance. Then, it is followed by a two-kilometer walk.

The hiking trail to Bandung Waterfall is suitable for hiking enthusiasts, travelers, and motor racing fans. The atmosphere presented is still very natural. This waterfall does not only have one waterfall but several smaller ones. ***

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