3 Tourist Destinations in Bogor, Used to Be Excellent, Now Abandoned and Holding Mystical Stories

destinations in Bogor

TIMETODAY.ID – Several tourist destinations in Bogor carry unique concepts that are rarely found in other places, adding a contemporary impression.

However, despite this splendor, several tourist destinations in Bogor had to close their doors permanently due to intense competition, causing their condition to be neglected.

According to several sources, here are several tourist destinations in Bogor that were once busy but are now neglected, and even have mystical stories that make the hair on the back of your neck stand up.

  1. Bilabong Swimming Pool

The Bilabong Swimming Pool has previously been one of the most popular destinations in Bogor since the early 2000s.

This swimming pool is a favorite for Bogor residents to visit, but unfortunately, its condition is now neglected and worrying.

In its heyday, this tourist spot was equipped with very complete facilities.

This swimming pool is believed to have been abandoned for no apparent reason, making it a place that seems mystical and haunted.

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The location is in the Bilabong Housing Complex, Cimanggis Village, Bojonggede District, Bogor Regency, West Java.

  1. Classic Garden Tour

This tourist destination has been closed in recent years. Before it closed, Taman Classic Tourism was a popular destination for people who wanted to travel.

However, in the end this tourist spot had to close its doors permanently due to lack of access to the location.

In the past, this place was known as a destination that was always busy with visitors because it offered beautiful mountain views.

The location is on Jalan Citeres Raya, Leuwibatu, Rumpin District, Bogor Regency, West Java.

  1. Paris City Swimming Pool

The first swimming pool in the city of Bogor, which was a legacy of the Dutch colonial period, used to produce outstanding swimmers.

The original residents of Bogor called it ‘Bakbis’ or ‘Paris City,’ but now it’s just a memory.

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Currently, the condition is worrying, with the pool walls dull with moss, the water color is green, and weeds growing in various places. The impression changes to look like a fish pond.

Located in Kebon Kopi Village, RT 1/6, Kebon Kalapa Village, Central Bogor, this swimming pool is a silent witness to the birth of great swimming athletes.

Covered by weeds, the water is murky, but the walls and foundation are still strong. The rinse rooms and other buildings are also in a dilapidated and unkempt condition.

This swimming pool is next to the Cisadane river, and the water is taken directly from the spring.

That is the description of Bogor’s tourist attractions which were once popular but are now abandoned, leaving them in a worrying condition. ***

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